<SUGGESTION> Change "web" folder to "webapp".


hi all…

some of us use yii to build an app, and some build website.

so in basic template the “web” folder it’s better we change to “webapp”.

webapp sounds and have universal touch.

how do you think?

thank you for all developers that build yii1 and yii2. :)

You can change the directory name in your app if you want.

"web" stands for web-accessible folder. we are not going to change that…

thank you sir.

so it is safe if now we change "web" to other name sir?

what other configurations that must we set-up because this change?

or, it is ok directly use yii2 with other name right now?

thank you.

should work without further adjustments needed.

great :)

i love yii2 more…

thank you sir :)