Subscribe on the activeform validation event?


I have a tab separated active form:

As you can see, here there are 3 tab: "Default - data", "Place" and "Service".

But unfortunately there are 4-5 error massages under the "Place" tab and those error messages are not shown by the validation function of activeform.

For this problem I created a jQuery function which will "show the error message list.". Because this is a big problem (not user friendly - user cannot find the error messages).

If you are interesting, you can see the code:


 * Validation.

 * Search for validation error messages under all tab pane and shows in a list.

 * This list contains navigation to the non valid input|select element.


 * @returns {void}


function showErrorMessages() {

    var errorList = $('<ul></ul>');

    $(".has-error").each(function(index, element){ 

        var item = $(element);

        var elementId = item.children("input, select").attr("id");

        var elementText = item.children(".help-block").text();

        var elementParentId = item.parent().attr("id");


            '<li onclick="navigateToElement('+ elementParentId + ', ' + elementId + ')" style="cursor:pointer;">'

                + elementText + 







 * Navigate to element.

 * It opens the tab pane and then focus on the element.


 * @param {number} elementParentId

 * @param {number} elementId

 * @returns {void}


function navigateToElement(elementParentId, elementId) {

    $("a[href='#" + elementParentId + "']").click();

    $("#" + elementId).focus();


But the main problem, I do not know how I can subscribe this “showErrorMessages” function to run after yii’s activeform validation function!

My function has to run after validation function run (of activeform). Anybody know how can I subscribe on this event?

Lots of code can be saved if you use native functions. Use this where you require the summary of errors.

<?= $form->errorSummary($model) ?>

Yeah, this is good :) Thansk for it.