Submit Multiple Rows In One Table

Hello, I’m a newbie so please forgive if my question is silly

I have 2 tables.

  • Bill(bill_id, order_id, create_date)

  • Bill_detail(bill_id, product_id, product_seri, status)

(1 to many relationship)

  • Order_detail(order_id, product_id)

Now I created the form that

  • foreach product in order_detail(within one order), i created an input field for product_seri

then I click submit

for example:

-In order 1

Product:A Seri:AXC

Product:A Seri:BXD

Product:B Seri:TTT

Then I click submit, But the $Post[‘Bill_detail’][‘Seri’] ony take the final value, TTT.

To sum up: How can I submit the same input field (with the same label in form) but different value to Server

Hi Tris,

Welcome to the forum.

I hope this section of the guide will be a help.

Thanks softark. Been searching for this whole morning !!! :)

Good discussion. Thanks Softark and Tris