submit form field automatically

Hello, i want to predefine the value of a text field in my form.

Its concatenation of 2 table columns stored in database and some static text.

For example

i have a three fields in database




Now i want post_title which contains fields of post_date and post_number to generate automatically like

$model->post_title=CUSTOMTEXT.' '.date('jS-F-Y', strtotime($this->post_date)).' '.CUSTOMTEXT.' '.($this->post_number);

Something like on Save feature.

Any expert can help me, also if anyone have experience in yii at good level. I am willing to pay if he can help in solving few things.

Thank You

IN your model you can call in beforeSave() function and

Class Post extends CActiveRecord{

    public function beforeSave(){


        $text = "My Text goes here ";

        $this->title = $text.' '.date('jS-F-Y', strtotime($this->post_date)).' '.$text.' '.($this->post_number); 

        return parent::beforeSave();