Is the any way to do a master/detail subgrid like jsgrid?


For this not-standard grids, the best instrument is to use CListView instead of CGridView.

This widget gives you sorting, pagination, filtering in a complete customizable way.

Do you mean I use the CListView and custom it to a "grid view"?

Yes, exactly.

CGridView is great, but many times too strict. I had the same problem not long ago, in wich I had to show many office to rent (a row) each of wich has many (2 or 3, no more) possibility of contract.

This contract has to be rows embedded in the first one (I mean, the office should be in rowspan 3, eg) and I achived it with CListView styled like a CGridView, they are really very close.

I see.

I’m sure I’ve enough knowledge to do it but I’ll try. Thanks!