Subdomain Url Manager

Hi everyone,

on my webhosting I have directory: /www/subdom for creating subdomains. So if I create: /www/subdom/one it will create subdomain: //

I uploaded my Yii powered app into subdom directory one, and I am using URL manager for creating URL links within application, for example:

Yii::app()->urlManager->createUrl( 'index/start', array() ) 

Problem is, that it will generate link: // and I need to get rid off the subdom/one part in the URL path

Ok, this problem was solved by adding baseUrl into main.php config into urlManager:

'baseUrl' => '',

but created another one,now all the URL addresses are showing start page with the same content, for example:



I tried rewrite rules with htaccess but without success. Also change location of Yii framework files. Without success.

Any ideas? Have been anyone solving such a problem?

Thank you