Stuck with authorization system (Rights)

I succesfully installed the Rights extension and I’m able to add roles, make assignments, etc…

When Im logged as superuser I cannot open the myModule/admin page; I get a "Error 403 You are not authorized to perform this action."

I guess Im still using the build-in access control (aka the "accessRules()" function in the controller, see here)

My question is: how can I switch FROM the build-in access control filter TO the Role-based access control?? (this)

In my config I have:




Well I found the answer by myself. I write it here for future users:

you have to follow the instructions on page 8 of the Rights documentation (v. 1.2.0). I was confused by the title “Additional features” while they’re actually “required settings”.



[*]Open "/protected/components/Controller.php" and modify the "R" as follows:

class Controller extends RController

[*]Open every controller of your application and edit as follows:

	public function filters()


		return array(

			'rights', // perform access control for CRUD operations