Stuck on passing checkbox values with AJAX

I’m not sure how I should approach this, but if I wanted to collect values from some checkboxes on the page and then append them to the URL when the link in this CGrid is clicked how should I go about it?

$dataProvider->pagination->pageSize = 50;

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(


	"selectableRows" => 1,


	'columns' => array(





					'type' => 'raw',



					'value' => 'CHtml::ajaxLink(






						 array( // ajaxOptions



						 "beforeSend" => "function( request )





    					"data" => array("qcode"=>$data->qcode,"type"=>$data->type)



						array( //htmlOptions

						"href" => Yii::app()->createUrl("graph/retrieveStatistics" ),











Thanks in advance.

Why not to post all?

You can simply create a form that include the CGridView and the checkboxes and post all.

If you want to do exactly what you want (append the value to a url), you have to write a custom javascript chunk.

You can get the id of the checkboxes by using CHtml::activeId($model, ‘attribute’) using the same $model and ‘attribute’ you use for create the checkbox.