Stuck in new project

Hello, im new to yii but not new to frameworks enviroment or UNIX system, im using a VM with vagrant and Ubuntu 16.04, im trying to start a project in the vm, and did a lot chown and chmod changes to the filesystem, after many problems im stuck at this:

PHP Warning ā€“ yii\base\ErrorException

copy(/var/www/html/ERP/backend/web/assets/ccd5badf/jquery.min.js): failed to open stream: Permission denied

This problem appears in my browser when i reach the direction of the host in the vm

My os es Ubuntu 23.04, i know this is a permission problem but where? the vm? inside my system? i tried a lot of different options and i dont want to switch to windows not because the framework need permissions to write a file

Found the fountain of my problem: Since ubuntu (My localsystem) has a different permission structure that the vagrant vm everytime that i create a new archive from the vm my system wont allow it, at the moment the only solution that i found is running a chmod 777 everytime that this message appears, is not the better solution but at least i can work, i will try any better options and even docker. Leaving this if anyone needs it in the future

Hi. Iā€™m not familiar with Vagrant but the Docker way is definitely the one you should go from my experience. It has many advantages and with not so steep learning curve you will be able to set up any environment you want quickly, especially by docker-compose way.

Just i will try my way with docker, is a bit more complex but could be a better solution.