Stripslashes Not Working

In xml feed parser I use ‘".addslashes( $listing->Web_Remarks )."’, in the INSERT query.

In view file I’m using

<?php echo stripslashes($detail->remarks); ?>

but this is not giving the desired output

This is from the feed

For more info call 0559135893 JLT Lake Point Tower 1br -980sqft Community view

This is what I’m getting in view

[b]For more info call 0559135893 [color="#FF0000"]JLTÂÂ[/color] Lake Point [color="#FF0000"]TowerÂÂ[/color] 1br -980sqft Community view


It looks like a character set issue. Make sure that all of the interacting parts of the system are using the same encoding (probably UTF8) and convert any external data to that character set.

I’ve changed the character set of the database and table to utf8_general_ci but still the entries in the table’s remarks field is showing these strange characters, after I emptied the table and ran the parser again. The xml feed’s encoding is utf8