Stripe Payments / Best Extension to use?

Hi guys

I am looking to implement Stripe payments to my Yii2 site but I am struggling to locate a good up-to-date extension.

I have found this one, but it was last updated in 2019 and I am not sure if it works with the latest Stripe system update that was implemented in 2019. It actually has a comment about this Stripe update and the author not knowing if their update form is very useful.

Comment from Author:
<<<You can use new StripeForm.php. But I don’t see it so useful>>>

Author: ruskid
GitHub - ruskid/yii2-stripe: Yii2 Stripe wrapper extension

Anyone got any recommendations?


Did you find the Best?

No, never got anything back on this.
My project is still using an older version of Stripe and needs to be upgraded.
I plan to get it done manually soon as there doesn’t seem to be an up to date extension for it.