Strange redirection


i’m a beginner in Yii framework and I received an existing project that made in yii 1.1.2.

wen I download it and installed it at local (i use wamp server) and run it, I receive a page for errors called error.php situated in protected/view/system.

I checked the siteController and projcet config and every thing seems to be fine.

I tried to understand the mechanism of the Error handeling in yii as a solution for my problem but it still unclear.

I hope that I found and explanation for Error handeling and with that hope that I found the solution.

what says the error page??

It contains normal html content. I just want to know how the application is redirecting to this page? when I visit any page on the application, it alway redirect me to this page. Is this a behavior of handleError of yii or what?

thnaks for answering me :)