Strange problem with CGridView

Hi everybody,

i have a strange problem with CGridView, i don’t know how to explain but i try:

There is a list of mandators, listed by CGridView.

Down under the title row i have the inputboxes for searching. If i am searching for any lastname i get some results, except of searching for the string “yilm”. If i am searching for “yil”, there is no problem i get some results. If i am searching for “yilm” the ajax request is going to be aborted and i don’t get anything.

The more interesting thing is, that we could search for "yilm" before.

what can i check?

how can i see the last statement sent to the mysql?

please help me, because i am going crazy for this!!!

thanks in advance

What do you mean by "aborted"? Do you mean that you get no record (zero result)? Or do you mean that your grid remains the same as before?

And just for double checking: does your Mandator data contain a record with a lastname "yilm"?

I mean, isn’t it a right result that you get no record when you searched for “yilm”?

Try sql logging.

See the "tip" in the following section of the guide:

And you can also trance your code by Yii::trace().

Monitor your PHP environment, check your Yii app log file (protected/runtime/application.log and make sure Yii is logging into it) and as already suggested - turn on mysql logging (this might help, but search the web for more resources. In general, turn on "general_log" to on) and monitor it as well.

If the 3 are operative (meaning effectively logging) you’ll find the culprit very quickly.

Thanks a lot.

The Problem was that some Data in Database had irregular values, however.

Now still work.

I’m facing the same problem, what do you mean by irregular values ?