Strange include error with Zii jui widgets

I’ve been trying to get zii jui widgets to work on my site. Ran into the following weird behavior:

It seems like any zii jui widget I call in a view that uses the abstract class ‘CJuiInputWidget’ (like CJuiDatePicker) results in the following error:

Calling a zii jui widget that directly includes CJuiWidget.php (like CJuiTabs) does work. First calling CJuiTabs and then CJuiDatePicker, as well as adding “Yii::import(‘zii.widgets.jui.CJuiWidget’);” to the view somewhere before calling the CJuiDatePicker also works.

I thus conclude that there must be a path issue when CJuiInputWidget tries to include CJuiWidget. Couldn’t find anybody else running into this so I can’t imagine that this is a bug. Perhaps this is related to the fact that I migrated the site from yii 1.0?

Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong here??

You may need to add the following line to your import:





That solved it. Thanks!