strange CJuiDialog error

Hi guys.

I display a CActiveForm in a CJuiDialog.

If there are validation errors, the dialog gets the correct error messages to display, but it is displayed in an unformatted way - almost as if the dialog lost its css. Also, the main page in the background is totally gone (white screen).

The next part is even stranger:

I added “‘validateOnSubmit’ => true” to the form. When I then create the form and submit it immediately, the error messages are displayed correctly and the format is all OK.

But, if I create the form, move/shift it a bit with the mouse and then submit it immediately, I sometimes get the same unformatted garbage. Not every time, but sometimes. So I can’t even duplicate the error at free will. :huh:

This happens in IE, FF and Chrome.

maybe you have an "assets conflict", please isolate your code, leaving alone the CJuiDialog without any other components, not pretty buttons nor any other controls, only CJuiDialog, and look at browser source code for CSS and resources.

try to delete content from assets/ directory and try again,

Hi Bluyell

Thanx for the reply.

Making all the buttons as simple as possible and deleting assets did not help.

But I think I found a pattern: whenever I close the dialog by clicking on the X at the top-right corner, it will produce the error the next time I submit it.

So, as you said, there is some conflict left after the dialog was closed with X.

What should I be looking for?