Strange behaviour at CEmailLogRoute with filter

For e-mail reporting on errors I’m using the CEmailLogRoute class.

Here my config. And it works fine.



















			'levels'=>'error, warning',//, watch





			'class' => 'CEmailLogRoute',

			'levels'=>'error, warning',

			'emails' => array(''),

			'sentFrom' => '',

			'subject' => 'Error at',

			/*'filter' => array(

			    'class' => 'CLogFilter',

			    'prefixSession' => true,

			    'prefixUser' => false,

			    'logUser' => false,

			    //'logVars' => array('_SERVER'),





But if I uncomment ‘filter’ array strange behaviour starts - I get Email-messages on all requests (both for no errors and with errors). How attach ‘filter’ to receive messages only for errors?

Yii ver. 1.1.3

Thanks in advance

For the archive: I came across this problem too. This seems to be fixed with Revision e2552. Simply update.