Strange behavior of +1???

Am I missing something? I’m totally confused.

On my profile page (user/profile) there are currently 17 +1’s, but on my public profile page (user/id:) there are 0 +1’s.

Does someone have the same issue?

Can you explain a bit more? what you mean with +1… and what is the user/profile page?

On your user/id page you have the overall rating = 18… the google +1 (near your username) shows 0 for me… on your forum profile you have "reputation:5"

Ok I attached two files:

profile.png is from

public.png is from

Nothing special, but I was wondering if I am wrong.

So we are talking about the google +1 button…

This relates to the page where the button is located…

Every user has it’s profile page on “/user/<id>”… and every logged user can see it’s profile on “/user/profile”,

this way when you go to user/profile you see your data, when I go to that page I see my data…

For google that are two different pages… and the 17 on user/profile means that 17 users has clicked the +1 button on that page while viewing their profile…

I just clicked that button so now it will be 18 even for you :D

Yes Google Plus One :) Sorry if it wasn’t obvious in previous posts.

Pretty straight forward, I tried to say the same in my previous post.

This is what I’m talking about… if you click +1 button on /user/profile it is not your data, but it’s data of all registered members.

And then take a look at to see what you +1’d :)

Anyway, as I said this topic is about nothing special, but as from my point of view I was first thinking that there are really 17 +1’s, and in reality there are 0 :)

If I may drop a line…

@ManInTheBox: Yeap, I agree with you. If user/profile is public, in the meaning that every user sees it’s own profile there and votes are generated per different users in total, then this can be a little bit confusing.

@mdomba: Shouldn’t we disable this?