Storing the record

I am using the following form in existing application to post the data to Yii application and save it there

<form name="regform" method="post" action="<? echo "required url/createuser"; ?>"

<input id="Fusername" name="user[UserName]" size="20" type="text" value="<?=$req_username?>">

<input name="Submit" value="Create Account" type="submit">


I am posting it to the controller with following action

public function actionCreateuser()


         $model=new user;


        echo $model->UserName;           // echoing    


	echo "success";                 //not echoing



Can anybody help me with this


Array(0) {}

Did you override $model->save()? If so, remember to have it return true (or false) at the end. That’s bitten me a couple of times too. A function that doesn’t return anything will not pass an if() test.

No i didn’t overwrite the save() function… Its working if i am saving it by using attributes but its not working as whole

Its working for

$model->save(true,array('UserName' => 'UserName'))

Moreover can anybody tell me hw to go back to the previous application… I tried redirect function but not properly. I have to also post some data back to the previous application

show the model

any beforeValidate()-, beforeSave()-Methodes, behaviors?