Store Settings in DB and access them globally in the application

Hi, I’m developing a CRM using the Yii2 advanced template, I have the admin interface at mycrm/admin and from here I manage some information about customers, patients and doctors, I have a menu called settings in the admin (backend) interface in which I create the users and set the RBAC rules, I need to set other variables that I have to use in other parts of the application, It would be useful if I can access them globally in whole application.

I have read in other posts and in stackoverflow, as: (I can not embed url’s)

Yii forum: 61316-yii2-params-from-database-yiiapp-params

Stackoverflow: how-to-make-custom-settings-data-available-globally-in-yii-2

This two solutions apparently solve the issue, but in the first, was mentioned that is a way but it is not the best. And in the second I think that the boostrap proccess is executed in each page request for that reason I think that is not the best solution for performance reasons.

Can you help me? and can you tell me is there is another way to do that in a better way or correct way.

Thanks in advance.