Stop validation in rules()

hello dears

i have form , on submit the model validate is always return false although the rules function is empty
public function rules()
return array(

any help please

Hi @haithamedrees23,

You have to define the rules.
Validation returns false because the rules are empty.

@softark thanks for your answer

but even if i defined a rules still there is a problem

for example if i defined some attributes as ‘safe’ then on submit the inputs are reuired
also if i try to print something in the rules function of the model or rules function of the CModel class , its not printed , meaning that the rules function is not called

Remove everything you added to the rules function(s), not approved by the docs, and try again. Not executable code.

@tri , sorry but i didn’t get what you mean

there are no rules in the rules function (the array is empty)

Just the array, that’s my point.

Never mind, as long as you return the array it should work.
I just checked that no fields are required if the array is left empty in an old 1.1 Contact form.

More info:
If you use beforeValidate(), remember to return true.

Still no explanation why you get fields required without rules.

Is an empty array OK for “rules”? I didn’t know that.

@haithamedrees23 anyway, there’s too few information to tell what is wrong. Could you post the relevant code?