Stop The Chtmlpurifier Escaping The < Char

I’d like to use the CHtmlPurifier to strip html tags. But I don’t want it to escape the “<” character because I later use CHtml::encode() on the text in the view so it would be escaped twice.

This is my unit test:


class CHtmlPurifierTest extends CTestCase


    public function testCHtmlPurifier()


        $p = new CHtmlPurifier();

        $p->options = array(

            'HTML'=>array('Allowed' => '',),             // don't allow any HTML

            'Filter.ExtractStyleBlocks.Escaping'=>false, // Whether or not to escape the dangerous characters <, > and & as \3C, \3E and \26, respectively.


        $this->assertEquals('Do my Job if <£10', $p->purify('Do my Job if <£10'));



The test fails because "<" is converted into "&lt;":

1) CHtmlPurifierTest::testCHtmlPurifier

Failed asserting that two strings are equal.

--- Expected

+++ Actual

@@ @@



Does anyone know the HTMLPurifier incanation to disable escaping? because


obviously doesn’t work