Stop Ajax Validation

Hey, have this annoying problem. Have a form, one of the values has a model rule that says it should be unique. After the value is entered into the database, the Ajax form throws an error saying the value is not unique and won’t allow the form to be redirected to the proper location. Is there a way to disable or stop the validation?

Yes, see

The problem with that is that I want Ajax Validation initially, just not after the user submits the form.

So you want AJAX validation on all fields, except this one?

Sorry for not explaining myself better. What I need is for the validation to be disabled ONCE the form is SUBMITTED.

You’ll need to change your controller to remove any call to validate and to modify the calls to save so that the first parameter ($runValidation) is false.

I’m assuming here that you have a call to performAjaxValidation already.