I want to share my first two Yii powered websites. The first is written in Yii 1.1.16, and is a rewrite from my old Php-Nuke website. This obtains and displays live date from Yahoo Finance. The second website,, is a Yii 2.0.3 rewrite of this website. I definitely find Yii2 a wonderful improvement over Yii1.


I get only "Index of /" when visiting the site…

Hi Maurizio, I cannot imagine what the problem is. Please try


yes ".com" is working, I was writing about the

On the site, you are right. I believe I have corrected the file structure so as to hide the web directory of the Yii2 site, and you should be able to access it through Thanks Maurizio for your help.

Is the open source available ??

Please share it.