Steps To Develop An Eterprise Grade Application With Yii2


I would like to start an enterprise grade application in yii2.

cause i don’t have tight schedule and I am new to any framework in PHP development.

can you or any of the guys could chalk-out the steps and requirements I should start with.

and moreover I would like to develop the app/product in modular manner ie. One module at a time and add on further… must be having 15-20 modules till completion.

I want the application to be responsive, mobile ready and easy to be converted to mobile app.

looking for more guys to join with comments, add-On and solutions…


Naveen Verma

if I had asked more complex!!!!

I even hadn’t comment till now despite having big forum to contribute and help…

should I degrade my requirements…

I am surly looking for comment from admin members pl.


  1. "enterprise grade application" and overall description is too vague. Please elaborate.

  2. It’s not clear why do you want modules and what do you want to put in these modules.

  3. Responsive, mobile ready = use bootstrap CSS/HTML in correct way and it will be OK. That has nothing to do with PHP generally speaking.

  4. Easy to be converted to mobile app = you mean by wrapping it with something like phonegap or you mean implementing native app that uses API?

Hello everyone,

I’m in the same situation like Naveen but for me i want to develop a professional CMS with an advanced Backend (Wordpress-like :P ), and this CMS would contain a blog part (Articles, pages, etc…) and for the Frontend (Profile, Account management, Messaging system, etc…)

For the structure i found this yii2-app-practical

and i did little modifications yii2-app-practical

So now the question is. :)

What are the steps or if we can say this “the to-do list” that we need to have this sort of project done ? ???

Thank you in advance.

Alexander… your level of patience is mind boggling to me given some of the questions answered on the forums. Hope to see you write more books in the future. My copy is riddled with post-it notes and notes in the margins.


First of all, you need to have a clear picture of what do you want i.e. not just "Wordpress clone" but the full list of features you want such as:

  • markdown should be used to write posts

  • there should be ability to save drafts

  • there should be ability to publish post at a certain time

  • there should be ability to view a list of posts, 10 posts per page

etc. I can’t do the whole todo list for you since it depends very much on your vision of what you want to achieve.

When it’s done you’re starting to actually implement it. That’s it.


I will probably write more. Have lots of interesting experience to share since last book.

A little question. For a project like i said above (professional CMS). How many persons must be involved in it ?

Thank you.

Depends on how much you want to achieve and what’s the time you’re able to spend. In order to get time and persons number precisely you need to plan everything in advance, divide it to small tasks and estimate each task. Then sum it and you’ll get ideal time. Multiply it at least by 2 and you’ll get something that’s close to reality.

Thank you very much Alexander Makarov. I know that this sort of projects are ambitious and i don’t know very much how to start it. So i start and i’ll see after. :)

Thank you again.

thanks Sam

actually we have a running ERP system in some of the industries locally, But the application is DotNet 2005 based desktop application now clients and as well market’s demand is that app must be web based so we can easily manage and distribute it locally as well as look for distant clients. That’s why we are looking for alternate solutions for our ERP systems to be upgraded to. And we have planned to sell application on SAAS basis. thats why I said that it be a Enterprise application.

Still we have a small team of PHP developers thats why we need to develop the app by module basis, so we should not fell apart in a big application at once and could concentrate on modules one by one.

Thats why with much discussion we have finalized for YII2…

for responsiveness and mobile app I got your ans.

Now with this I am really looking for your expert comments or suggestions SAM…

As I’ve commented on Poenix post, you need to re-analyze existing system and create new requirements. Then verify with the one in charge that you’re correct and discuss what should be the scope of the first iteration.