Steps to attain the similar knowledge of Yii core developers

What are all the suggested steps to attain the same knowledge as Yii’s core framework authors? Are they just familiar with PHP or they are familiar with multiple languages, frameworks and strong exposure to data structures & algorithms and design patterns.

Or, are they simply code often? Do they have any specific recommendation on how they achieve that mastery? Any specific books or methodologies, approaches?

Response from core framework authors would be great, but I’m just eager to listen to other developer’s opinion as well.

All core team members have different knowledge and skill sets. It’s not possible to gain exactly the same knowledge as anyone. At least until before brain parts copy-pasting via some cool machinery is invited :)

I have strong experience with PHP, Java, JavaScript and weaker experience with C, Delphi, Golang, ASM. I’ve used several Java, PHP and JavaScript frameworks. Some of these I’ve analyzed to check if there are good ideas for Yii.

Data structures and algorithms knowledge is OK. I can’t say I’m very strong with these so it takes time to polish complex things for me. Going to get better in this regard one day by checking:

Design patterns… yes. I know these well and I can say that just knowing patterns isn’t equal to understanding how and when to use them. Patterns are just a fancy word for “ways of solving common problems”. I’d recommend checking SOLID principles and taking a bit more complex systems to design than you previously did every time.

I do. That’s my job and one of my hobbies.

Learn from people who are better than you in what you want to do. Get into projects where there are much more experienced people in the team. Ask questions.

OOP/OOD: I’ve already mentioned SOLID.

PHP: manual,

Yii: Check what happends at GitHub. Read framework source. Ask questions.

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Most probably I forgot to mention something interesting or important so ask questions.