Static validation methods

Just wrote an command line tool for my web application where a valid url is recommended. So I called an instance of CUrlValidator to check the first argument and guess what: that doesn’t work. The validate method expects an instance of CModel.

So my idea is to split up ALL validate functions into 2 methods:


[*]A part, that prepares all that CModel related stuff (if instance is right, if some flags are set, …)

[*]a static part where just the value itself is checked: return preg_match($this->pattern, $value)


So it’ll be possible to check for an valid number, email, url, ip, … even if the value is not related to a CModel.

If I’m completely wrong and there’s another way (except getting the $pattern out of the validator and run a preg_match for my own), let me know.

Yes, I think this is a good idea - I run into trouble as well. Currently the validators obviously only serve as helpers for models, still it should be easy to make them also function as global helpers.

I created a ticket.

Wonderful :rolleyes: