static instance of formModel class

I was wondering if it would make sense to define the $_model variable already in the class CModel instead of CActiveRecord. Also the function model could be defined in CModel (slightly different from the version in AR):

public static function model($className=CLASS)



        return self::$_models[$className];



        $model=self::$_models[$className]=new $className(null);


        return $model;



This way one could also get the static model of a class extending CFormModel.

Why you want a static model for CFormModel?

Intuitively I was trying to use the same syntax for a FormModel as for an AR. In the actual case I had a method getPropertyOptions() defined in my CFormModel (returning options for a drop down box) and wanted to access the data as usual with myCForm::model()->propertyOptions.

So consistency is the major reason.