Static function in behaviors

Maybe a silly question but I was wondering if you could somehow use a static function inside a behavior.

When you execute


then I guess php simply searches for a static function named "func" inside Somemodel class. If "func" is a function inside a behavior then the program crashes.

And in order for behaviors be attached you must instantiate a real Somemodel object.

If all the above is true then probably indeed implementing a static function for a behavior class makes no sense.

Please tell me if there is a workaround for this… (:

What is the point of using static functions in behaviors? Anyway you can call them like regular functions:


// or without creating a model/behavior instance


But actually I didn’t check if the first line will work :)

Don’t worry I had already check it and both lines work.

My situation was like this:

I had a static function that was very dynamic since all you had to give as a parameter was the class of the model and the rest would execute just fine for the corresponding model.

So the same static function was repeating itself among some models

One solution would be inheritance. The problem is that these models share no common functionality other than this function, so the solution does not seem right

Second idea would be to use a behavior among those models

So I would need to call Somemodel::staticFunction(); and not BehaviorName::staticFunction();

As you say there is no point calling BehaviorName::staticFunction();

Finally I guess it is not possible to keep the Somemodel::staticFunction() in my code and I will have to change all implementations to $model = new Somemodel();$model->NonStaticFunction();

You can replace this line:

$model = new Somemodel();$model->NonStaticFunction(); 


$model = Somemodel::model()->NonStaticFunction(); 

for ActiveRecord models of course.

But why don’t you just make a global function accepting 1 parameter: model name (or instance). I think there is no need to make it a part of a model.