Starting Yii Development


I am starting to learn how to develop websites on Yii Framework, one of my major goals is to create a classifieds website on Yii like craiglist but, overall I want to learn how to develop any website on this awesome framework.

I been reading a lot about it and for what I read to start with Yii, the best thing is to follow the following books:

  1. Agile Web Application Development with Yii1.1 and PHP5

  2. Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook

My question is very simple, is that right? am I missing anything at all to approach my goals?


also good to refer yii guide and some what yii wiki article

Those books are helpful, but not required to learn Yii. The best way is probably what Kiran said: read the guide and check out some Wiki articles. Just start developing and solve problems as they come up. Eventually you’ll understand how the framework works.

Hello guys,

thanks for the help, I really want to learn how to produce anything on Yii, are the books recomendable to learn real good Yii, or just with the Yii Guide and the wikis I will set up.

Please confirm it to me!! I really want to learn all the posibilities this framework offers the right way!!


PD: For the classifieds website I want to do are there wikis that you recommend?

the best start

At the very beginning read that

A starting application tutorial:

The books might help you fast-forward, but only after you have learned the basics, as suggested by others here.

I recommend you play around for a few days and see if you’re picking things up as quickly as you’d like. If you’re finding it easy, do what you feel you need to advance at your own pace.

Thank you everyone!! Thanks for helping me out!!