Starting new project. Should I start using Yii 3?

Hello everyone. I have been using Yii since version 1 for several projects at work and freelance and I must say I love it so far.

I am about to start a new project now that is expected to go live in 2-3 months. I see that Yii3 is leaning towards a more Domain Driven Design and generally going in a good direction in it’s design :slight_smile:

Now since I am going to maintain this project for the foreseeable future, should I start the project using Yii3 and patch it along as the framework matures or should I play safe and use Yii2?


If that’s your own project then I’d go for Yii 3. Expect things break, be ready to patch and submit pull requests. The big advantage is that if you don’t like something you can discuss/change it in the framework at this stage.

If that’s client project then that’s very risky as simple things may take more time than expected because of framework-related bugs.


When can we expect stable release of YII 3?

After a lot of thought I decided to play safe and go with Yii2. Besides the readiness status of Yii3 I think there is a learning curve as well especially if you are used to working with Yii2. So @CodeChari if you are starting a new project I suggest you go with Yii2 at the moment!

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