Starter Package

Is there a REST package that is something like the yii template… everything is working (versioning, authentication etc etc), so that I only have to tie in my custom handlers ?

There’s no such package built by Yii team.

Ok, thanks… do you happen to know about other packages that are available ? (paid or open source)

No but I haven’t searched so if you’ll find good ones, let us know.

This is a helpful tutorial and project to get rest started: (no auth)

Thanks… I hoped for a package that implemented eeverything already… apparantly that has not yet been done (or not yet been made available)

The Book "Mastering Yii" (ISBN: 978-1-78588-242-5) has a topic about REST-API including auth. (Chapter 9)

The source is on github:

found another one…

Have not tested anything yet…

try this