SRBAC Installation Problem

I stepped through the guide and installed SRBAC, but when I go to the index.php?r=srbac page I get a 404. I commented out my URL manager just in case that was a problem. Still no luck.

I added all the sections to the config/main.php and installed the srbac directory in my protected/modules directory.

Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?

Could you post your srbac config here?

Thank you! Yes, here it is:

return array


 'basePath' => dirname(__FILE__).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'..',

 'name' => 'harvestation',

 // preloading 'log' component                                                                                                                                                     

 'preload' => array( 'log' ),

 // autoloading model and component classes                                                                                                                                        

 'import' =>






 // application components                                                                                                                                                         

 'components' =>


       'user' => array(

                       'allowAutoLogin'  =>  true, // enable cookie-based authentication                                                                                           


       'db'  =>  array(

                       'class'             => 'CDbConnection',

                       'connectionString'  => 'pgsql:host=localhost;port=5432;dbname=authentr_pantry',

                       'username'          => '........',

                       'password'          => '.......',

                       'charset'           => 'utf8'


       'errorHandler' => array(

                               'errorAction' => 'site/error',


       'log' => array(

                      'class' => 'CLogRouter',

                      'routes' => array(


                                              'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',

                                              'levels' => 'error, warning',




       'urlManager' => array( 'urlFormat'      => 'path',

                              'showScriptName' => false,


       'authManager' => array(

                              'class'           => 'CDbAuthManager', // The type of Manager (Database)                                                                             

                              'connectionID'    => 'db',             // The database component used                                                                                

                              'itemTable'       => 'authitem',       // The itemTable name (default:authitem)                                                                      

                              'assignmentTable' => 'authassignment', // The assignmentTable name (default:authassignment)                                                          

                              'itemChildTable'  => 'authitemchild',  // The itemChildTable name (default:authitemchild)                                                            


       'modules'        => array(

                                 'srbac'      =>


                                       'userclass'         => 'Users', //optional defaults to                                                                                      

                                       'userid'            => 'user_ID', //optional defaults to                                                                                    

                                       'username'          => 'username', //optional defaults                                                                                      

                                       'debug'             => true, //optional defaults to false                                                                                   

                                       'pageSize'          => 10, //optional defaults to 15                                                                                        

                                       'superUser'         => 'Authorizer', //optional defaults to Authorizer                                                                      

                                       'css'               => 'srbac.css', //optional defaults to srbac.css                                                                        

                                       'layout'            => 'application.views.layouts.admin', //optional defaults to empty string, must be an existing alias                    

                                       'notAuthorizedView' => 'srbac.views.authitem.unauthorized ', // optional defaults to //srbac.views.authitem.unauthorized, must be an existi\

ng alias                                                                                                                                                                           

                                       'alwaysAllowed'     => array( //optional defaults to gui                                                                                    

                                                                    'SiteLogin','SiteLogout','SiteIndex','SiteAdmin', 'SiteError', 'SiteContact'


                                       'userActions'          => array(//optional defaults to empty array                                                                          



                                       'listBoxNumberOfLines' => 15, //optional defaults to 10                                                                                     

                                       'imagesPath'           => 'srbac.images', //optional defaults to srbac.images                                                               

                                       'imagesPack'           => 'noia', //optional defaults to noia                                                                               

                                       'iconText'             => true, //optional defaults to false                                                                                

                                       'header'               => 'srbac.views.authitem.header', //optional defaults to// srbac.views.authitem.header, must be an existing alias    

                                       'footer'               => 'srbac.views.authItem.footer', //optional defaults to// srbac.views.authitem.footer, must be an existing alias    

                                       'showHeader'           => true, //optional defaults to false                                                                                

                                       'showFooter'           => true, //optional defaults to false                                                                                

                                       'alwaysAllowedPath'    => 'srbac.components', //optional defaults to srbac.components// must be an existing alias                           




 // application-level parameters that can be accessed                                                                                                                              

 // using Yii::app()->params['paramName']                                                                                                                                          

 'params' => array(

                   'adminEmail' => '',



My app is postgres based, and everything else is working fine. I tried turning off the UrlManager and using the index.php/?r=srbac urls, and using the /srbac url style that the rest of my app uses, but neither works.

Oh, the web site is here: harvestation.

Thanks for your help!

Solved it! My ‘modules’ was indented one level too deep in the config array.