Srbac Assigning Roles Not Working Properly

I have successfully installed SRBAC to my Yii application but

I am having trouble assigning roles-user/task-roles/operation-task

Here is the process:

1.When I select a user on the User dropdown list

-The not assigned roles dropdown list will be populated which I think is normal

2.So normally I want to assign the Authority Role to my admin user

-So I will select the Authority role from the "not assigned role" dropdown.


When I click on the <<(left arrow button) to assign roles to the user it does load but nothing else happens… It’s not even assigning the role to that user… I tried checking the AuthAssignment table, not a single record were there.

Then checked the response on console with firebug, everything seems OK, no errors were detected…

I’ve been stuck on this problem for almost 2 weeks now… but still not giving up because I believe that this ext is very excellent. please help me Spyros thanks in advance…