SQL Server 2005

Hi there!

I was wondering what is the connection string for SQL Server 2005 ?Can You help me ?

This is a question about PDO. Maybe you can search for an answer online? I never used SQL server with PHP yet.



Hay All…

In my case, it is okay when i migration to create table using sql server 2005,. but when i want to generate model generator using gii,.

the error was "Table "table_name" does not exist"

what should i do???is it correct if i use mssql?or i must use sqlsrv???

i use:

  • xampp php 5.2.5

  • sql server 2005 (SQL Server Management Studio Express) -> location of my db is in different PC with IP :

  • and in my db script protected\config\main.php is like this


		'connectionString' => 'mssql:host=;dbname=ebudget',

		//'emulatePrepare' => false,

		'username' => 'sa',

		'password' => 'XXXXXXXX',

		'charset' => 'GB2312',

		'tablePrefix' => 'tbl_',