SQL Error: Undefined offset.


I have try to save a new created model, but I get this error:

Next exception 'yii\db\Exception' with message 'Undefined offset: 1

Failed to prepare SQL: INSERT INTO "video" ("source", "category_id", "title", "link", "tags", "duration", "thumbs", "created_at") VALUES (:qp0, :qp1, :qp2, :qp3, :qp4, :qp5, :qp6, :qp7) RETURNING "id"' in /app/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/db/Command.php:230

How can I fix it?

The most interesting the yii debuger bar is not shown, so I have no ide what is the created insert query by the Yii.

If I run this, it returns with true. So the model is valid!

var_dump($video->validate()); // this is always true!