Sports website based on Yii framework

Hi everyone check out our website, went live about a month ago, so far so good, what do you think?

Sports website, based on yii framework

Ys , its good site with fine interface.

very fine work !!!

Thanks Kiran, any feedback? what in particular did you like about our website? Is there anything you would improve given a chance?

I dont refer whole site till now and not checked its functionalities , but it contain good design and interface.

nice effort of developers and designers. :)

Good start, but it still require much work, because it looks unfinished.

It is our first release, plenty of work still to do, we are thinking about starting it as an open source social media platform for everyone to use

‘Spicesoft’ creators of are looking for participants for this project. If you want to contribute to the creation of sports network based on yii you are welcome to join. For any information regarding this project please pm us.

fine work!

good looking, web designed and developed…

Nice work

Thanks a lot everyone for good feedback, any of you tried our chat? It was a big pain in the *** to get it working with Jabberd server.