Split up extensions

The extensions category is raising … not a bad thing, but …

I ask my self if it wouldn’t be more transparent and easier to browse if the extensions category of this site is split up into several sub categories. Something like “behaviors”, “widgets”, “3rd party” (containing the implemenation of 3rd party php classes to yii), and maybe a few others - of course retaining the subject areas like “database”, “form”, etc.

What do you think about it?

Categories already there! You could see "Browse by Category" block on the right side of the extensions page.

But you are right! Extensions are so many and many of them doesn’t properly added to this repository. It’s very hard to search by extensions.

If I need to find some specified extension I need to list all the pages (mostly search engine for extensions don’t display to me relevant results (also this words can be said for the forum search engine)).

combat more folders~