Spidergap - 360 Degree Feedback Tool

Spidergap - a tool for 360 degree feedback (a technique for collating and sharing feedback about employees, whereby feedback is provided by the employee, their line manager, and others).

We’ve been using Yii for years, loving it as a simple but powerful backend framework. More recently, we’ve used various JS frameworks to improve the user experience. We’re now starting to use AngularJS and BreezeJS on top of Yii. (You can check out a Yii-Breeze-AngularJS powered part of the site by signing up for free, creating an assessment, and then going to the ‘Collect feedback’ page).

We’ve not heard of anyone else having hooked up the 3 technologies in this way, but would love to hear from any that have!

Do share any questions or feedback :)

Really impressive website - thanks for sharing.

I wasn’t familiar with either AngularJS or BreezeJS and found them very fascinating. Up to now I have just been using jQuery to add interactivity. I think it would be very useful for other developers if you were could write a Wiki article about your experiences with these technologies.

@trond : Sorry for the slow reply, it’s been an exceptionally busy couple few weeks!

We’d be happy to share more about how we achieved this integration and our experiences. We’ll stick it on the Wiki as you suggest and will let you know when it’s up.