sphinx search in yii

This is my first experience of sphinx search in yii, any limitations or difficulty that have you faced in sphinx search yii extensions.

In this forum I have came to know about the DGSphinxSearch Extension, is good to search?.

If it is good, guide me step by installation and working process.


If not, please guide me any other alternative ways to implement spinx search in yii.

Any professional kindly help me, am waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

Yes, DGSphinxSearch is a good one. It’s even linked from official Sphinx website. An alternative way is to configure MySQL connection and point it to Sphinx instance. Then use SQL to get/set data (it’s described well in Sphinx docs).

Hi samdark.

do you have example code for DGSphinxSearch extension ?

i cant understand how to implement DGSphinxSearch in my project.


No, I’m not extension author and I prefer using SQL for it via regular MySQL connection.