Special Characters In Cgridview

hello all,

I have problem with data using Cgridview , Every things is Ok, but when i select a particular option from dropdown list , its show the total number of record (testing in query in phpmyadmin) in summery but NOT showing in CgridView, i realized that it is some specail character problem, Please help me

  1. how to show data having some special character like google sorting tables are not working with it!

2)IF this is some other issue?

like my Summary is [Displaying 1-1224 of 1522 results] and my data provider LIMIT is 2000.

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What character set is your DB using? Can you give some examples of the special characters?

I solved!!

I m posting solution as for somebody else to help:

the problem was with relations,through the relationship i was getting primary keys as duplication but gridview use it as index for table , that is why there was a problem in pagination/summary when i use group in relation it returned only the unique Keys, which works like

‘vmFilterData’ => array(self::HAS_MANY, ‘Vmfilters’, ‘’, ‘on’ => ‘vmFilterData.VMID = t.id’,‘group’=>‘vmFilterData.VMID’),