source path of files published by asset manager from browser

How do you know the source path of a file published by yii asset manager?

I want to edit the sourcer css file for instance, but in firebug i js see

http:://localhost/site/assets/8e3f9c3/gridview/styles.css, how do i know wher the actual style.css file is for me to edit, i know i can override the selector from other files like main.css but i would rather modify the source.

The actual file would be in


The "published" files come from within the framwork someplace and would overwrite what you did if


were to be deleted.

Here is an interesting article I found from a quick search of this site.

I would leave the “published” styles alone and do your changes in main.css or another *.css file, but that’s just me :rolleyes: