Source Code for the site

Is the source for the site going to be published?

It took me way too long to figure out how to use the CTabView widget…

(Posted a cookbook of what I learned)

Thanks for all the great framework…

I second that! It would be cool to have a look at a real life example.


Yes!! Why not?

It would be great but I see why he might not want to for security reasons.  It's not so hard to find a security hole when you have the source code.

I've been working on a skeleton application with user registration, logon, user email verification, user recovery, groups, etc.  I've been thinking about releasing it.  Would releasing it be worth my time?

Sorry, guys, we are not going to release the source code for this website, at least, not in the near future, not only because of the security reason that Jonah mentioned, but also because that we want to make sure that every demo application is carefully written so that people can learn the proper way of programming in Yii.

Jonah, I think your skeleton application will be very useful. I really appreciate if you could release it. ;)

Indeed guys, this looks like a better solution.  Jonah, thank you for your help with that. As soon as I get a better hang of the framework I will be releasing some work as well.

Worth a try ;D

I would recommend something like this from the CI folks.…ects/backendpro