Source Code encryption before deployment on client m/c

Hi All,

I am actually looking for an open source tool, which can help me in encrypting the code before deployment on any platform. So that scripts will not be easily accessible to the end users for the code security.

I have gone through on the internet and found multiple options, But most of them are paid.

You can refer the link.

Among all these, ColdevProLayer is one which is looking some promising.

But I found one more issue in this. There is no such proper documentation and examples for the same. So it is a bit difficult to use the same.

If anybody have any idea or some better examples or open source tools for the same purpose are most welcome.

Thanks for spending your time, and thanks in advance for any support if you can provide.

The only reliable way is not to deploy source code at all i.e. do SAAS.

see documentation at