Sorting Nested Tbextendedgridview In Tbrelationalcolumn Row.

Hi guys.

In the TbRelationalColumn example on Yii Booster, a nested TbExtendedGridView is used to display the related data in the new row of the parent TbExtendedGridView.

However, the nested TbExtendedGridView does not use sorting, filtering or pagination.

I’m trying to get sorting, filtering and pagination working in the nested gridview, but after renderPartial, the whole parent gridview with all its rows disappears.

Has someone got this working?


I might be wrong, but I think the reason why the nested gridview cannot page, filter or sort is because the related records are loaded via Relational Query and thus don’t have their own dataprovider.

This wiki shows how to generate a separate dataprovider for the related records, so they can be sorted etc.

But the related gridview is not nicely nested inside the parent gridview - like in TbRelationalColumn. So here is a challenge for all you clever folks! :rolleyes:

Hi Gerhard,

Did you ever get this working? If so, can you please post the solution?


Hi Robert

No I did not get it working. So, I show the child records in a separate CGridView, as shown in the wiki I mentioned above.