Sorting by month on date fields in GridView

I have a couple of date fields with format something like ‘2015-24-05’.

Within the GridView out of box filter at the top of the widget, is there a way that I can enter month ‘05’ or ‘2015-05’ for example, such that it filters on that month ?

Neither of those search terms work, not sure if its at all possible ?

u can try this. it works in my case,

 $time= $this->created_at ; 


            'MONTH(created_at)' => $time, 


mark "+" if solved.

where does that go in relation to the GridView widget ?

as i understand filtering in grid view is depends on this only.


rups g

Any ideas on how to do this ?

Using GridView widget, I want to be able to filter using the built in feature, to display the rows using a date field for a particular month, ie, 2015-06, or 06