$sort->defaultOrder and $sort->link()

How to make the $sort->link() a different css class if it is assigned as $sort->defaultOrder?

Also how to make the $sort->link() be the opposite sort order (on first page load) of the assigned $sort->defaultOrder?

Anyone able to help?

I did not tried, but I read in CSort :

for the order :


         * @var string the default order that should be applied to the query criteria when

         * the current request does not specify any sort. For example, 'create_time DESC', or

         * 'name, create_time DESC'.


        public $defaultOrder;

for the CSS, you could use htmlOptions


         * Generates a hyperlink that can be clicked to cause sorting.

         * @param string the attribute name. This must be the actual attribute name, not alias.

         * If it is an attribute of a related AR object, the name should be prefixed with

         * the relation name (e.g. 'author.name', where 'author' is the relation name).

         * @param string the link label. If null, the label will be determined according

         * to the attribute (see {@link resolveLabel}).

         * @param array additional HTML attributes for the hyperlink tag

         * @return string the generated hyperlink


        public function link($attribute,$label=null,$htmlOptions=array())

Actually I want the current sort column to have a different CSS class applied to it when active.

And regarding default order, what I mean is if I specify a defaultOrder field of say "id asc", when I click the id column on first page load it does not reverse the order, it does "id asc" again.

Anyone able to help? Thanks!