Sorry, You Are Too New To Post Comments.

Is there a place where i should post before posting comments to wiki?

Because i wanted to improve this article: link

with addition about where to place that YFormatter class and about config addition

cuz (‘class’=>‘YFormatter’) is kinda chaotic and if you want place that YFormatter in your app/utils folder you should write something like (‘class’=>‘application.utils.YFormatter’)

as it said to me, i’m new and after i read that article i’ve spent some time to solve that problem and so i wanted to add a useful comment.

But! It said i’m too new, so now my question - how many posts i should have to post comments for wiki and where to post them? Maybe provide a link to this denial message, like:

Sorry, you are too new to post comments. Please try posting in our forum in this thread first.

This forum. About 3 posts are required. While getting these you can help people in general discussion section.