something wrong with CGridView

Hello, everyone

I have a trouble with CGridView.

For example, in my application, there is model named “a”, which is generated by yiic tool, “a” has its controller and views was generated by yiic tool too. Another model name “b”, also generated by yiic tool. I want to use CGridView in a’s views to represent b’s data.Everything is Ok, but the ‘view’, ‘update’, ‘delete’ button was wrong, they act as a’s action, not b’s. Who can help me?

James H.

hi, did you solve this problem? I have the same issue and don’t know what to do either. Does someone has in this situation before??



i solved just now. just give a "deleteButtonUrl" property to CButtonColumn.

Thanks a lot, I’ll do just that.


Hai, I have a same problem too… What the PHP Expression that we should put on it? can you give a sample? thx…