Some users have to enable "allow all cookies" for their session?

Hi all, not sure how to debug this. Would love any help.

99% of the time, our app works great. However, some users have to enable “allow all cookies.” Otherwise, their session isn’t maintained. I’m not sure why this happens.

Any tips on what or HOW to debug this?

So it’s the case when they cannot auto-login because they disabled cookies? This is expected.

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That would be great if so, but no.

So what happens is that they have to update Chrome to “allow all cookies”

That is not typical and not the default in Chrome, so it rules out 99.9% of users. That said, this is not 100%. So far it’s only happened to a few users, but we only have like 80+ users right now, so the % is high enough to be concerning before we fully go live.