Some considerations on yii2

Some considerations on yii2:

it important to have installed composer to be able to install yii2 from a file?.

I do not have installed composer.

When I install yii2 from the basic file, that is, I decompress it and I do him the changes in config/db it is not executed.

I need to learn how to utilize yii2, since all my experience has been with yii1 to the version 1,1,17, where you have elaborated some systems with no difficulty.


What you mean with

? Errors?

You can install Yii in many ways:

  • Composer project

  • Git clone

  • Download zip

Ok thanks Marcelo, I install it via Download ZIP, but I already resolved my first this early after in yii2, the problem was that you did not realize that that Web should have entered the folder, on the way in there you made up your mind, even I right now saw give it them URL friendly and it works well, now I go for to trying to keep on and that way could have done new after if I need them